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Listed above are the product(s) you have selected to order. Fill out the quantity of yards you are interested in purchasing and click the "Update Quantities" button. There is a minimum of 10 yards per item. When you are ready to finalize your order, click the "Check Out" button. To continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" link above. The minimum order is 10 yards per color per style, with a $5.00 cutting fee per item for orders that are not full rolls.

Compliance with California Sales and Use Tax Laws. All orders with a final shipping destination anywhere in the state of California must have a California Re-sale Certificate. We must have a copy of this on file. After you process your order please fax a copy of your California Re-sale Certificate to: 949-722-7938

Shipping. We ship via United Parcel Service unless other shipping instructions are given at checkout. All freight charges are the responsiblity of the customer. Please provide shipping carrier and account number if you want your item shipped freight collect. All fabric is shipped on a 2" core tube wrapped in poly-tubing.